About the Team

Our team is dedicated to designing high-quality, unique architecture that embodies Philadelphia precedents as well as offering something new to the look and feel of every design.

We manage a variety of both new construction and renovation projects including single and multi-family homes, mixed-use commercial, light-industrial and building additions. From the initial meeting until the building receives a Certificate of Occupancy, we are available for consultation and assistance throughout the entire process. We have extensive knowledge of the Philadelphia Zoning Code and the International Building Codes.

The Late Edward A. Fink, RCAA

Founding Partner

  • Single Family 814-32 N LAWRENCE
  • Single Family LAWRENCE
  • Single Family 959 N LAWRENCE
  • Mixed Use 992 N 2ND
  • Single Family 624 N. 3RD
  • Single Family 811 N 2RD
  • Renovation & Addition 935 N. 2ND
  • Single Family 956 B N. LAWRENCE
  • Single Family 605 N 3RD


Planning & Design

All projects begin with a building or a piece of land and an owner’s dream. It is our job to turn this dream into a reality. We assess the property through a feasibility study and explore various schematic options for the owner’s review. We work with you to hone in on a single design to move forward to the next stage of the process.


The permitting process begins with the submission of zoning plans. These plans convey the design concepts to the municipality. The municipality will the review the design against the local code requirements to issue a zoning permit. Surveys and additional information may be required. The design may be modified to meet codes or a variance may be pursued. We have extensive knowledge of the Philadelphia Zoning Code and the International Building Codes.


We produce complete document sets for the construction of many building types, including new homes, mixed-use buildings, larger multi-family structures, and small renovation projects. Our specialty is the design and completion of construction documents for single-family and multi-family residences.

Coordination & Expediting

We take meticulous care in organizing and expediting architectural drawings and additional documentation to the local municipality. Our team serves as project managers, coordinating the work of multiple disciplines: engineering drawings, surveyor’s drawings, and special shop drawings that pertain to casework within the building.

In Progress

  • 3800 THOMPSON
  • 1534 RIDGE
  • 1403 DARIEN
  • 1047 S 51 ST
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